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Common reasons you might have a low property valuation

Property valuation in the UK is not a simple mathematical exercise. It is a formulation of professional skill and judgement by an experienced property valuer, usually a chartered surveyor. Read the view of our Head of Surveying, Ian Russell, which appeared in a Daily Express article on 18th November 2022

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are something we come across regularly during the course of our inspections. For the most part they are fairly obvious and straightforward to inspect. Sometimes they are hiding in plain sight. This article sets out the common types of retaining wall that we will come across and also shows some that are less obvious.


Conservatories are a popular addition to houses. The trend for adding conservatories started in the mid 1980's and became very popular in the 1990's and 2000's.

Dry Rot: what is dry rot and how to treat it?

Dry rot is a fungus which attacks wood. It is particularly scary for householders as it can be expensive

What is a RICS surveyor and what do they do?

RICS stands for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a RICS surveyor is a person whose job it is to provide expert advice and guidance on all matters related to property, land and construction

Spray foam insulation: benefits and disadvantages

Thinking about spray foam insulation? Read our blog post first!

What are smoke control areas and why do they exist?

An open fire is lovely - but do you know about your local smoke control area?

How much do our surveys cost and are they worth it?

If you're buying a property, you might be tempted to skip a house survey to save money. But are RICS property surveys worth the cost?

Home Survey Level 2 vs Level 3 (RICS): what's the difference?

Buying a house and wondering which level of property survey is right for you?

Flooding: what do we need to be aware of?

Flooding is a serious risk to property and, as urban areas get more built up and extreme weather becomes more common, the likelihood of flooding is increasing.

Black mould

As the weather grows colder condensation will become noticeable and if left unresolved, mould may become a problem.

Residential Surveying Careers Fair 2023

Houzecheck paid a visit to the Sava Surveying Careers Fair, here's our thoughts.

Will the housing market crash in 2023?

The question on everybody's mind. A predictive thought by our very own Richard Ballam