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RICS Level 3
(Building Survey)

The Level 3 Building Survey is the most comprehensive survey, proving a detailed report describing the property’s construction and condition with advice on how to deal with any defects found

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“We opted for a full blown building survey. The surveyor was fantastic - thorough, approachable and detailed in every aspect. Further to this, he made himself available to me to answer questions and pass on his invaluable advice. Swift, responsive and available to me at all times. I could not rate this team better.”- Jason Dias-Patel

Why RICS Level 3?

The most detailed inspection from an experienced surveyor. The Level 3 Report is ideally for properties in poor condition, of an unusual design, substantially altered or extended, or for larger, older or non-traditional types of construction.

Detailed Inspection

Detailed Inspection by a qualified RICS surveyor


Summary, recommendations and advice

Condition Ratings

Red / Amber / Green condition ratings for various elements

Building Elements

Detailed comments on the construction and condition of main building elements


Observations on electrical, gas, water, heating and drainage elements


Advice on customer’s alteration proposals


Detailed repair and maintenance options and recommendations

Grounds & Outbuildings

Comments on grounds, garage and permanent outbuildings

Further Investigation

Where applicable, specialist investigations recommended


Comments on local environmental factors

Legal Issues

Legal issues highlighted for the conveyancer


Advice on building and occupational risks

Make informed decisions

The Level 3 Building Survey is the most detailed inspection and report option provided by our qualified RICS surveyors. This survey has the scope to provide far more advice around the condition, defects, repairs needed and any alternations. The Level 3 Report provides the best opportunity for making a well-informed decision and puts you in the strongest position to negotiate the best price.

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Survey TypeRICS ValuationRICS Level 2 (Homebuyer Survey)RICS Level 3 (Building Survey)
Inspection by RICS qualified surveyor
Type of inspectionBasicStandardDetailed
Market valuationOptional
Property sales comparables
Old and historic property
Large extensions or alterations
Planned extension or alterations
Property in poor condition
Non-standard construction
Condition ratings
Visible issues and defects reported
Problems requiring urgent attention
Areas requiring further investigation
Maintenance advice
Photos of defects
Energy efficiency ratings
Future impact of repairs and materials
Potential problems due to hidden defects
Repair options and timeline
Estimated cost of repairsOptional Extra
Comments about energy improvements
PricingFrom £259From £469From £739

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