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RICS Homebuyer Survey and Report

RICS Homebuyer Survey

An RICS HomeBuyer survey is a professional service designed and recommended by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to evaluate and report a property’s condition. It is easy to view a property and like the look and feel of it; A HomeBuyer survey looks beyond that initial impression.

An RICS qualified surveyor would assess the condition of all parts of the property. The surveyor will assess a variety of areas such as cracks, damp, roof etc. Based on the assessment, the surveyor will produce an RICS prescribed HomeBuyer report.

Why do I need a RICS homebuyer survey?

A HomeBuyer report will help you understand what you are really buying.

If you are making an investment in a property, you want to be well informed. While you might not find out the hidden issues of a home until after you buy, a HomeBuyer survey reduces that risk significantly.

A HomeBuyer survey is a comprehensive check of your potential property, so that you are well equipped to deal with possible issues. The survey can help you identify any likely deal-breakers that might make you think twice about your investment.

The report may also help you negotiate the property price due to any discovered issues.

What type of properties require a HomeBuyer survey and report?

Homes built within the last 50 years, made of standard construction material, and without any significant repair or extensions are suitable for a HomeBuyer survey.

  • You need a survey if you want to make sure that the property is in the condition that was stated when you viewed it
  • If the property seems to have everything going for it but the price is surprisingly low, a HomeBuyer survey might give you a reason why that is.
  • The survey will help you to determine if the work that is needed is worth the low asking price, or whether you should continue your search elsewhere

How much does it cost?

HouzeCheck provides an RICS HomeBuyer survey and report at a low fixed fee. The fixed fees (including VAT) are::

  • Upto 2-bed flat: £449
  • 2/3-bed house: £499
  • 4-bed house: £549
  • 5-bed house: £599

We can add a market valuation to the report for an additional £100 (including VAT).

Need a HomeBuyer survey? Get in touch!

The easiest way is to submit your details on the online form provided. Our appointments team will call you within 2 hours (9am to 8pm - Monday to Friday) to confirm the appointment date/time as per your convenience. Once the property has been inspected, the report will be delivered within 5 working days.

Alternatively, you can call our contact centre on 0330 113 1133.

Book Surveyor for RICS HomeBuyer Survey and Report

Standard fees (including VAT): 2-bed(flats only) £449 | 2/3-bed £499 | 4-bed £549 | 5-bed £599
* Booking fee of £30 is applicable