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RICS Building Survey (Structural Survey)

RICS Homebuyer Survey

A RICS building survey, also known as a structural survey, is a detailed inspection of a property you intend to buy that will highlight any issues or flaws a potential home may have. The RICS qualified surveyor will advise on any issues that they discover and provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about the the property purchase, allowing you to budget for future repair works or renegotiating your offer accordingly.

The buildings survey is the most in-depth survey you can have, and it is designed to check for structural issues and other unseen issues that other levels can’t discover.

What Information does a Building Survey Provide?

The buildings survey, or structural survey, is the most in-depth survey and your surveyor will check every accessible area of the property. For this survey, the surveyor will get up into the loft/attic, go down into cellars, use special equipment to check for damp and mould, check floorboards, behind movable furniture, windows and doors, and just about anywhere else a home can show its issues or age.

  • Provides detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property
  • Discover problems that need urgent attention, or are serious
  • Discover problems that need further investigation to prevent serious damage
  • Helps you decide whether you require further advice before committing to purchase
  • Helps you understand any ongoing maintenance required in the future
  • Establishes how the property is built, materials used, and how these will perform in the future
  • Exposes potential problems posed by hidden defects
  • Outlines repair options, repair timeline, explains the consequences of not acting
  • A longer and more detailed visual inspection of a wider range of issues
  • More thorough consideration of the roof space, grounds, floors and services

Why Do I Need a Buildings Survey?

A buildings survey lets you know exactly what you are getting into. All older homes will have an odd issue, but there is a big difference between a major structural issue and the need to reseal or replace a few windows.

A buildings survey is optional but is highly recommended. You don’t want to save on a few hundred pounds now, only to discover the home has an issue that will cost £15,000 to put right.

Once you’ve bought the home, it’s yours, flaws and all. The previous owners won’t be liable at all if they had no knowledge of the problem, and you’ll still have a tough time if they did, so you’ll save time and money by having all the information you need up front.

If you’re purchasing a newer home and just want to know an expert has looked over your property, a HomeBuyer survey may be best for you.

How much does it cost?

HouzeCheck provide a RICS Building Survey at a low fixed fee. The fixed fees (including VAT) are:

  • Upto 2-bed: £649
  • 3-bed: £749
  • 4-bed: £849
  • 5-bed: £949

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Alternatively, you may call our 24 hour contact center on 0330 113 1133.

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fixed fees* (including VAT): 2-bed £649 | 3-bed £749 | 4-bed £849 | 5-bed £949
* For properties above £1 million, there is additional fee